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Elan Control System With in-ceiling speakers

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Austin Audio Tech is your source for Elan Home Systems in Austin.

Finally a whole house music system that is simple and powerful. Elan does this with the the Ole`. A perfect balance between touchscreen and keypad. The 3-3/4” OLED display shows you song, album, artist, and channel information while simple keypad-like buttons let you change the channel, song, or volume. Of course Elan also carries a wide range of touchscreens for the more advanced user.

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The walls in our homes are places for us to express our personal style or proudly display pictures of our loved ones. All too often this precious real estate is cluttered with unsightly items. Some call it “wall acne”; thermostats, security keypads, volume controls, and even light switches infect almost every surface. We have a cure, Elan’s VIA! Touchscreens can roll all of those devices into one sleek, easy to use interface. Imagine walking into your home and instead of having a security keypad and a bank of 6 light switches on the wall, there sits a blank 7” touchscreen, waiting silently to awaken your home. These powerful solutions can control your music, security, temperature, lighting, sprinklers, pools, and of course your home theater. Available in-wall at 4, 7, and 10 inches or wirelessly at 4 inches.

Whether you choose an Ole` touchpad or a VIA! touchscreen you will have one of the most simple and powerful solutions on the market.