Austin Audio Tech does high end 2 channel music systems like no one else.

Through very careful selection we offer, not only products that are the very finest of their type, but products that together create system synergy for a music experience that is unforgettable.


  • VTL offers high-power tube based electronics with “set it and forget it” reliability, auto bias, fault sensing and protection and some with RS-232 control for the ultimate in system integration. VTL puts technology in the service of music. Current amplifier designs center around the 6550 or KT-88 or EL-34 output tubes.

Or if you prefer the Single Ended Triode or Push Pull sound of the lower powered Air Tight products, Austin Audio Tech has the best.

  • Accuphase. A full line manufacturer from Japan built with no compromise, no holds barred absolute in quality. Accuphase is arguably the finest solid state electronics manufacturer in the world. From the highly acclaimed TM 1000 FM tuner to well known Digital Front End products and unbelievably good preamps and amplifiers. Accuphase pulls you into the music and lets you forget about the gear. You’ll find the nights getting longer and longer as you loose track of time while rediscovering your music collection.
  • Esoteric is the High End Division of Teac and shows what unlimited technological and manufacturing resources can accomplish. Proprietary algorithms up-convert audio and video to a level of quality that will astonish.

Esoteric has introduced a new line of speakers which have gained very positive reviews in a very short time.

  • Krell is a long respected manufacturer of high powered and dynamic electronics and loudspeakers. Dan D’Agostino founded Krell and is the chief designer.
  • PS Audio manufactures a full line of electronics and cables and is currently most well known for their power regenerating and conditioning products. Paul McGowan is Chief designer and engineer for the company.
  • Magnum Dynalab is known for their FM and XM tuners and antennas. The two XM tuners bring XM radio to a quality level previously unattained. In my opinion it’s the first really listenable XM product on the market. It must be the tubes! And they are RS-232 controllable.


  • . Siltech.- From Holland Arguably the finest cable in the world. Indisputably the most natural sounding. With a business history of more than Twenty years Siltech manufactures all of their own wire in house, not like most others who out-source the metal work. Siltech has just revamped the line introducing the “Classic Anniversary” series which is a totally new product using Generation 6 metallurgy.

The new “Royal Signature” series brings the new Generation 7 metallurgy and geometry to the market and now offering Empress Crown and Emperor Crown interconnect and speaker cable with Mono-Crystal G7 silver gold wire.

  • Founded in 1980, AudioQuest has consistently led the cable world by bringing high performance and high value to the market. AudioQuest has the product diversity to get you into your first set of “Real” cables and take you as far as your thirst for performance drives you.

AudioQuest has chosen Austin Audio Tech to represent the exclusive “Signature” series. The Signature series is Bill Lowe’s legacy product created from the perspective of cost-no-object absolute best of the best.


  • Magico – Austin Audio Tech is proud to be chosen to be the Texas Magico dealer. Alon Wolf has designed and built the most highly praised speaker that has come around in my 30 years of audio addiction. I can’t recall any product that has earned such unanimous acclaim. Designed and built in Berkeley, California.

The clamor started at CES in 2006 with the Mini and has gained momentum like an overpowered locomotive. In 2007 Magico introduced the V-3. A floor standing speaker very similar to the Mini in top end but adding two 7” woofers. In the third quarter this year Magico is poised to introduce the Model 5, the step up after after the Mini-2.  It will feature the full-on construction techniques of the Mini-2 but in a full range floor stander featuring 2 ten inch woofers.

Next up the ladder is the Model 6 which Robert Harley has stated as being the best speaker he’s ever heard.  The Model 6 is a 650 pound, all aluminum tour de force of technology.

The top of the line is the Ultimate which is a horn loaded design with optional crossover.  This 5-way beast is over seven feet tall and weighs 800lbs.

  • Avalon – Built to serve music. Beautiful to look at. Designed by Neil Patel.  Manufactured at the original albeit expanded facility in Boulder Colorado. The company was incorporated in 1989 and Neil Patel has been at the helm from the beginning. Avalon starts with the NP series at $1500 for the NP-1 monitor and $2000 for the NP-2 floor stander. The NP series includes a subwoofer and center channel.

The Symbol is the next step up and like the NP series is targeted toward the home theater market but never forget that Avalon is a company founded and rooted in music reproduction. The Symbol series starts with the floor stander at $4195 and the series includes a subwoofer and center channel.

Beyond the Symbol series is where we get really serious starting with the Ascendant at $9795, the Indra at $19,995, the Eidolon Vision at $ 24,995, the Eidolon Diamond at $33,795, the Isis at $ 64,995 and finally the Sentinel at $138,995.

  • Eben – Designed and built in Denmark, the Eben is a truly revolutionary instrument. They are explosive in their ability to convey the dynamic swing of an orchestra in full tilt. They are so fast and have such high resolution that they will show everything in front of them and require careful system matching and setup but when properly done will leave you forever dissatisfied with anything less.