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Today “Home Theater” describes a great variety of home entertainment environments. From family room surround sound, to multi-purpose media rooms or areas, to dedicated home cinemas.
There is nothing like playing the latest video game on a big screen with a full blown audio system or checking out my-space or YouTube on your PC or Mac hooked up to one of our media room systems.
The immersion and delight of Hollywood’s latest release when viewed in a properly designed Home Cinema will surprise you.
Imagine your Home Theater designed and engineered from the ground up like a fine automobile. Every
detail is considered; from the acoustic properties of the room dimensions and the ambient noise created by the mechanical systems in the house, to the position of each chair and speaker to ensure that there are no “bad seats”. Every choice will affect every other choice.
There is so much more to it that just a big TV and a bunch of speakers.
Austin Audio Tech will consider and plan for every detail and in the end you’ll ask,
“With a theater like this, why leave home”?


Denon - With more “first-of’s” than any other manufacturer Denon is always a step ahead. Denon was founded in 1947 but has roots dating back into the 1890’s. They offered Japan’s first LP records and stereo records and also introduced the first stereo moving-coil phono cartridge in 1951. Denon’s history in audio is extensive and makes a good read on the “History” page on their website.

Sunfire – Bob Carver, again one of the most well known and accredited designer/engineers of our time. Bobs history runs deep into the developmental years of our industry and is continuing to be a top innovator in loudspeaker, subwoofer, and electronic technology. Sunfire offers a tremendous performance to price value.

Epson employs the latest 3LCD technology at an exceptional price. 

Pioneer does black like no one else.  In the television world, black is everything.  If the color black on your screen is not black but a shade of gray, then red, green, blue and everything in between will be wrong.  That is why Pioneer is still known as the best panel on the planet.