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Home Cinema

Austin Audio Tech will produce the best Home Cinema experience money can buy. Not only are our products among the best available, we have tools and experience to bring out their full potential. THX, ISF, HAA, and Cedia certifications are among the many tools we use to match each system with its environment.

The JBL Synthesis Audio Systems are among the best in the world, guaranteed.
JBL promises that your Synthesis system will meet or exceed both THX audio
specifications for home cinema and SMPTE audio specifications for commercial
cinema. No other company can make that guarantee. Every Synthesis system
includes room calibration from JBL factory engineers. When Hollywood studios
master the sound for their movies, they do it with Synthesis systems. Why not
hear it as the engineers do, on a Synthesis system.

Digital Projection offers the best in home and commercial cinema projectors.  Offering a balance of high lumens (brightness) and great black levels (contrast) DP is the videophiles choice for home cinema.  Their CoolTek technology minimizes the power the unit consumes while maximizing its brightness.  DP’s competitors use at least twice as much power to achieve the same results.  Take a look at any of their class-leading projectors and you’ll see what you’ve been missing.