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About US


Austin Audio Tech has been around for over two years and is comprised of three partners.  Each of us has more than eight years experience in the industry.  We have twenty years in the building industry and each of us has more than eight years experience in this industry.  Our construction experience gives us the ability to recess plasmas in walls and do some really cool custom things that other companies might shy away from.  We are a quality focused company, both in the products we carry and the services we provide.  It is our quest to be the best at what we do.  Part of our superior service is our certification with Cedia, THX, HAA, and ISF.  This training allows us take our systems to the next level by calibrating each system to its environment. 

We are dealers for Magico Loudspeakers, Avalon Acoustics, Eben Loudspeakers, Krell Audio, Accuphase, VTL, Air Tight, Esoteric, Transrotor, Magnum Dynalab, JBL Synthesis, Sunfire, Denon, Digital ProjectionEpson, PS Audio, Elan Home SystemsHome Automation Inc, RTI, Universal Remote Control, JVC, Panasonic, Panasonic Professional, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi, Pioneer, Draper, Escient, Lutron, Golden Acoustics, Audioquest, Siltech, and Isoclean.  You can visit out products page here  You should also check out our photo gallery to view some of our projects.